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In recent years the staffing industry has emerged as a vital part of America’s corporate structure.  According to a data released from the American Staffing Association, America’s staffing companies employed an average of 2.96 million temporary and contract workers per day in 2006, an increase of 1.8% over the previous year.  Demand for professional and specialized skills will likely continue to exceed overall labor demand in most industries, from manufacturing to the service sector.

In a fast-pace world of travel, travelers look to any opportunity that can save time.  The internet as a point of purchase for travelling has emerged as that time saver along with the industry being a driving force of ecommerce. The internet travel industry has also emerged as an internet leader in terms of innovation and accessibility.  Crystal International Travel Group (Crystal), a web-based retail travel agency, aims to address some of the fundamental weaknesses in the evolving travel industry – including volatile pricing and the lack of personal service.

Ecommerce and Web 2.0 have become the catch phrases of consumers and economists alike. The fusion of the two technologies has created an atmosphere where it is easier for the consumer to shop online than go to traditional retail outlets.  Recent shopping seasons has seen the rise and potential dominance of the ecommerce model.

Changes in the prices of publicly-listed companies are brought about by a number of factors which may include economic and political news, current events, economic policies of the government affecting these companies, or internal events.  Sometimes these movements may simply be driven by technical oversold and overbought levels of share prices.  In most cases, a significant leap in prices within a day may be triggered by major events occurring in a short span of time.  This can happen to the shares of any publicly-traded company.

Entertainment plays a significant part of everyone’s life.  As a relief from work pressure, or simply for pleasure, people engage in different forms of entertainment.  TV watching, America’s historical pastime is quickly being usurped by the internet due to heavy broadband penetration.

Science and technology has been the cornerstone of a nation’s progress and development.  Lives have been improved and economic expansion has been accelerated through the use of advance technologies.  However, in the process of expansion, environmental concerns routinely become an afterthought.

Energy is the driving force behind the world economy and availability of energy depends on new technological advances.  The production and utilization of energy comes in different forms and results in varied forms of activity.  Two uses of energy are for heating and cooling.  Composite Technology has created or designed several devices used for heating and/or cooling.  The devices range in use from merely storage to generation or conduction of heat energy for the use in households and businesses.

Like culture, food differs from coast to coast, and people associate it with the place, sometimes with the season.  Whatever is appetizing, people come to patronize and adopt it as part of their diet.  Nowadays, culinary arts have different ways to improve people’s health or merely increase their appetite.  Spicy Pickle aims to fill the gap in between ‘normal’ fare and more eclectic dining choices.

U.S. Geothermal Inc. (UGTH), a renewable energy development company, recently announced that Pacific Growth Equities, LLC (Pacific Growth) has initiated research coverage on the company.

The most dreadful thing that a person could ever imagine is to be inflicted with cancer.  Sometimes people equate cancer with death since chances of survival are not high.  Cancer is a group of diseases in which the cells are aggressive, invasive and easily spread to other locations.  Mostly, cancers are caused by abnormalities in the genetic material of the transformed cell.

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