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Archive >> March 2007

                In the past Mixed Martial Arts Fights were know for their extreme violence and blood.  This had the tendency to scare away many would-be fans and sponsors alike. 

                On Monday, Rocket City Automotive began trading under the ticker symbol RCAU on the pink sheet exchanges.  On the first day of trading the stock was up more than 2200% due to its partnerships with eBay Motors, Carfax and Toyota Dealers. 

                A new initiative was recently announced in which the United States government is planning to support research, development, acquisition, storage/maintenance, deployment, and utilization of broad-spectrum treatment countermeasures able to address multiple bioterror and pandemic threats. 

                The recent seizure of 15 British Royal Sailors and Marines has once again placed a flashpoint in the Middle East.  Iran’s seizure and the country’s intransigence over its nuclear program and ambition have again added to the jitters of the market.

               With Green Fever sweeping the nation, Zap, and electric car manufacturer is looking to capitalize with its new XEBRA XERO truck.  This truck, dubbed a ‘city-car’ due to its top speed of 40 mph, qualifies as a zero emission vehicle under EPA guidelines.

               Over the past year new buzzwords have entered into the realm of internet such as Web 2.0 and User Content Creation.  Companies such as YouTube and Myspace have been bought for exorbitant amounts of money only to see revenues become stagnant.

               Gold prices over the past week have begun to stabilize and return to their upward trend after a $50 drop following the stock meltdown that started in the Shanghai Index.

               Intelligentias' wholly-owned subsidiary is currently bolstering its sales marketing force in the likelihood that the ‘Safety Bill’ will pass through Congress and eventually will be signed into law by the President.  

Understanding diabetes and the role of insulin
Diabetes is a common condition in which the amount of glucose (sugar) in the blood is too high because the body is unable to use it properly. This is because the body´s method of converting glucose into energy is not working as it should. Diabetes can lead to serious complications, such as heart disease, strokes, amputations, eye and kidney damage, and premature death. In developing countries, diabetes is the fourth-ranking cause of death.

    Martin Nutraceuticals Inc. (OTCPK: MNCL) is a development-stage company, ncorporated in 2004, that develops and markets natural/complimentary edicine for aid in joint and general arthritic pain, digestion issues, blood and irculatory fl ow, weight control and optimal overall functioning of the human body.

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