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Archive >> August 2007

The market week wrapped up with reassuring words from President Bush and Fed Chief Bernanke regarding the looming mortgage and credit crisis. The words from the two officials, while on the surface reassuring, belied the deeper crisis that has gripped world markets. This news, coupled with a gold find in Papau New Guinea sent gold prices surging past $680 per ounce.

The Federal Reserve Chairman's statement on August 7th allayed fears in the market that saw a sell off in commodity stocks such as oil. By the end of the market day the bulls had returned and oil prices edged closer to $73. Natural Gas prices continued to rise and closed at $6.325 per million btu(s).

Over the past few years, energy drinks have become as ubiquitous as mainstream drinks such as Pepsi or Coca-Cola. The energy drink market segment has seen unparalleled growth even as other sectors of the drink market were declining.

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