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Beacon Research Issues TraderNotes on BKSD, AKNS, MCCC, DIGA, ITRO for January 3, 2008

Today’s TraderNotes include: Brookside Technology Holdings Corp. (OTCBB: BKSD), Akeena Solar, Inc. (Nasdaq: AKNS), Media Communications Corp. (Nasdaq: MCCC), Digital Angel Corporation (Nasdaq: DIGA), Itronics, Inc. (OTCBB: ITRO)


Brookside Technology Holdings Corp. (BKSD) TraderNote – BKSD Finds Strength in Its Cost-Efficient Telefficiency Strategy


Brookside Technology Holdings Corp. (BKSD) closed yesterday at 0.13, no change from the previous close at the same price.  Brookside Technology Holdings Corp. engages in designing, analyzing, implementing, and selling converged Voice over IP (VoIP), data, and wireless business communications systems and solutions for commercial and state/government organizations in the United States. It also designs the infrastructure solution, deploys the technology, and provides knowledge transfer to users and system administrators, as well as offers ongoing managed services.  Brookside is a holding company for Brookside Technology Partners and US Voice & Data. Brookside Technology Partners Inc. specializes in selling and implementing converged VoIP, data and wireless business communication solutions.  In September 2007, Brookside acquired Kentucky-based US Voice & Data, LLC (USVD), a leading regional provider of telecommunications services.  Brookside provides converged voice and data solutions for businesses of all sizes and types. BKSD is finding momentum in trading as the company differentiates itself from competitors by its innovative focus on assisting customers in controlling and reducing their overall cost of system deployment in a strategy called Telefficiency; a combination of technology, business and financial solutions.  In yesterday’s trading, BKSD traded a volume of 29,000 shares within the range of 0.11 – 0.13.  Yesterday’s RSI was in the positive zone of 56.37, indicating a near-term bullish signal.  Slow Stochastics indicator reflected readings of 100.00 %K and 97.18 %D, far from crossing the 80% downwards to indicate an overbought condition, with share prices to close at its high for the day at 0.13 to indicate leaning towards the positive trend.


Akeena Solar, Inc. (AKNS) TraderNote – AKNS Enters a Licensing Deal with Suntech Power


Akeena Solar, Inc. (AKNS) closed yesterday at 11.97, a positive change of 3.49 or an increase of 43.84% from the previous close of 7.96.  Akeena Solar, Inc. engages in the design, integration, installation, marketing, and sale of solar power systems for residential and small commercial customers in the United States. It principally focuses on the design and integration of grid-tied solar power systems, which are electrically connected to the utility grid so that excess energy produced during the day flows backwards through the utility's electric meter. The company also works on solar thermal or solar pool systems. It serves commercial customers, including schools, and housing and owner occupied businesses consisting of wineries and small commercial offices, as well as residential customers, including high-income professionals.  Akeena Solar sells its products through print, Web, and radio advertisements, as well as through participation in industry trade shows, individual consultations with prospective customers, and sales force.  In yesterday’s trading, AKNS heavily traded with a volume of 15,798,198 shares on news of a licensing deal with Suntech Power to distribute Akeena’s innovative, lower-cost solar panel technology, Andalay, in Europe, Japan and Australia.  A technical trading gap was created in yesterday’s daily chart to reflect yesterday’s breakout from the previous closing last Monday at 7.96 and the opening yesterday at 10.49, indicating strength in upward moves.  Share prices reached the high of 11.99 yesterday, breaking psychological resistances of 10.00 and 11.00, triggering more upward moves.


Media Communications Corp. (MCCC) TraderNote – MCCC Well-Positioned in the Communications Market with Its High-definition Products


Media Communications Corporation (MCCC) closed yesterday at 5.27, a positive change of 0.68 or an increase of 14.81% from the previous close of 4.59. Share prices surged after an analyst upgraded the cable service provider's shares to "Neutral" and said most subscriber losses related to sports programming are behind the company.  Mediacom Communications Corporation, through its subsidiaries, engages in the acquisition and development of cable systems serving smaller cities and towns in the United States. The company provides an array of products and services, including analog and digital video services; advanced video services, such as video-on-demand, high-definition television, and digital video recorders; high-speed data, also known as high-speed Internet access or cable modem service; and phone service. The company provides local, regional, and long-distance calling services within the United States, Puerto Rico, the United States Virgin Islands, and Canada.  In yesterday’s trading, MCCC traded a volume of 1,251,088 shares within the range of 5.03 – 5.78.  RSI in yesterday’s daily chart reflected a reading in the positive zone at 58.67, indicating a bullish signal.  Slow Stochastics reflect bullish signal but near neutral direction with readings of 58.00 %K and 62.70 %D.


Digital Angel Corporation (DIGA) TraderNote – DIGA Uniquely Positioned with Its Advanced RFID and GPS Enabled Products


Digital Angel Corporation (DIGA) closed at 0.63, a positive change of 0.21 or an increase of 49.96% from the previous close of 0.42.  Digital Angel Corp. (DIGA), an advanced technology company in the field of rapid and accurate identification, location tracking and condition monitoring of high-value assets, recently announced that on December 28 it completed the merger between Applied Digital Solutions, Inc. (formerly NASDAQ:ADSX) and Digital Angel Corporation (formerly AMEX:DOC).  The newly combined company will do business as Digital Angel and trades on the Nasdaq Capital Market under the symbol “DIGA.” The company and its subsidiaries engage in the development, marketing, and sale of identification and security products for consumer, commercial, and government sectors worldwide. It offers radio frequency identification (RFID) systems used to identify, locate, and protect people and assets; visual identification tags and implantable RFID microchips; and global position systems (GPS) enabled products, which are used for location tracking and message monitoring of vehicles, pilots, and aircraft in remote location. The company also provides secure voice, data, and video telecommunications networks primarily to various agencies of the U.S. government; call center and customer relationship management software and services; vibration monitoring systems; and information technology hardware and services.  In yesterday’s trading, DIGA traded a volume of 1,196.537 shares within the range of 0.44 – 0.73.  Yesterday’s daily chart reflected an RSI indicator at the bullish zone of 54.43.  Slow Stochastics also reflected an almost oversold condition to signal a buying move with %K at 25.44 crossing the 20% level upwards, and the %D at 10.50, directed towards the 20% level. 


Itronics, Inc. (ITRO) TraderNote – ITRO Gains Potential from Its Mining Technical Services Market in the U.S., the UN and World Bank


Itronics, Inc. (ITRO) heavily traded yesterday with a volume of 45,175,843 shares within the range of 0.0026 - 0.004.  Itronics, Inc., through its subsidiaries, operates as an environmental process technology company in the United States. It operates through two segments, GOLD'n GRO Fertilizer and Mining Technical Services. The GOLD'n GRO Fertilizer segment offers fertilizer manufacturing, photochemical recycling, and silver refining services. The Mining Technical Services segment provides mineral project planning and technical services to the mining industry. This segment offers technical services in the areas of mining, geology, mining engineering, mineral economics, material processing, and technology development to the U.S. and foreign mining companies, public utilities, state agencies, the United Nations and the World Bank.  In yesterday’s trading, ITRO closed at 0.004, a positive change of .0014 or an increase of 53.85% from the previous close of 0.0026.  Share prices closed at the high of the day at 0.004, indicating a short-term bullish signal.  Slow Stochastics readings reflect bullish signal with 75.71 %K and 63.17 %D, curving towards the 80% level. 


Beacon Equity Research Disclosure

The analysts contributing to this report do not hold any shares of Brookside Technology Holdings (BKSD).  Additionally the analysts contributing to this report certify that the views expressed herein accurately reflect the analysts' personal views as to the subject securities and issuers. The analyst(s) writing this report recognize and aspire to all of the CFA Institute Guidelines for Independent Research. Beacon Equity Research (“Beacon”) certifies that no part of the analysts' compensation was, is, or will be, directly or indirectly, related to the specific recommendation or views expressed by the analysts in the report. . Beacon Equity Research has been compensated seven thousand five hundred dollars directly from the company for enrollment of BKSD in this research program.  This report is based on data obtained from sources we believe to be reliable, but is not guaranteed as to accuracy and does not purport to be complete. As such, the report should not be construed as advice designed to meet the particular investment needs of any investor. Any opinions expressed herein are subject to change.
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