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Beacon Research Issues TraderNotes on BOLV, SLNH, ENEI, TNRO, CNEH for December 12, 2007

Today’s TraderNotes include: Bolivar Mining Corp. (OTC: BOLV), Splinternet Holdings (OTCBB: SLNH), Ener1 Inc. (OTCBB: ENEI), Terra Nostra Resources Corp. (OTCBB: TNRO), China North East Petroleum Corp. (OTCBB: CNEH)


Bolivar Mining Corp. (BOLV) TraderNote – BOLV Lucratively Invests Over US$1M in Modern Mining Equipment


Bolivar Mining Corp. (BOLV) closed yesterday at 0.80, a positive change of 0.05 or an increase of 6.67% from the previous close of 0.75.  Bolivar Mining Corp. is an exploration and mining company seeking global mining prospects in over five countries on three continents.  By implementing efficient operations and engineering excellence, BOLV will have opportunities to operate in areas where larger mining companies cannot operate profitably, thus creating an opportunity to extract and sell precious minerals to the global market.  Bolivar Mining announced recently that over $1,000,000 USD has been invested in modern mining equipment to boost gold production at the currently producing Red Dragon 1 gold mine in Southern China. The company announced that it had acquired a 40% interest in the property.  In yesterday’s trading, BOLV traded a volume of 29,800 shares within the range of 0.60 – 0.85.  At present, it has 164.21K shares outstanding. 


Splinternet Holdings, Inc. (SLNH) TraderNote – SLNH Strategically Positioned in the Anti-Terrorism Market  


Splinternet Holdings, Inc. (SLNH) closed yesterday at 1.02, a positive change of 0.27 or an increase of 36.00% from the previous close of 0.75.  Splinternet Holdings (SLNH) is a holding company whose single current wholly-owned subsidiary is Splinternet Communications.  Splinternet Communications is a developer of products, services and marketing strategies centered on opportunities in Internet communications.  Splinternet Communications' approach is to develop products and services that will capitalize on the shift in telecommunications technologies from traditional telephony to Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP).  The Company recently announced that it is entering the anti-terrorism market with a new radiation detection device and monitoring system which will provide early warning of the presence of radioactive materials of the type feared to be usable in dirty bombs.  In yesterday’s trading, SLNH traded 970,350 shares within the range of 0.80 – 1.20.  At present, it has 53.50M shares outstanding.   



Ener1, Inc. (ENEI) TraderNote – ENEI Boosted by Its Unique Introduction to Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV)


Ener1, Inc. (ENEI) closed yesterday at 0.69, a positive change of 0.02 or an increase of 2.99% from the previous close of 0.67.  Ener1, Inc. (ENEI) is an alternative energy technology company that is developing: 1) lithium ion batteries for hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) at its 80.5% owned EnerDel subsidiary, 2) commercial fuel cell products through its EnerFuel subsidiary, and 3) nanotechnology-based materials and manufacturing processes for batteries and other applications at its NanoEner subsidiary.  Ener1, Inc. has become the first to successfully integrate a lithium-ion battery into an operating HEV, an important milestone for the electric vehicle industry.  In yesterday’s trading, ENEI actively traded with 150 transactions of a volume of 3.12M shares valued at US$2.15M.  At present, it has 501.00M shares outstanding. 


Terra Nostra Resources Corp. (TNRO) TraderNote – TNRO Gains Potential Growth from Joint Venture Companies


Terra Nostra Resources Corp. (TNRO) actively traded yesterday with 226 transactions with a volume of 365,024 shares valued at US$1.75M.  Terra Nostra is a leading copper and stainless steel producer in China through its 51% majority interests in two joint venture companies in China.  Shandong Terra Nostra Jinpeng Metallurgical Co., Ltd. has an existing and under construction total production capacity of 170,000 MT of electrolytic copper and 20,000 MT of low-oxygen copper, together with value-added copper rod and wire capabilities.  Share prices rose to a high of 5.12 and registered a low of 4.88 in yesterday’s trade, to close at 4.99, a slight negative change of 0.12 or a slight decline of 2.35% from the previous close of 5.11.  At present, it has 59.06M shares outstanding. 


China North East Petroleum Holdings, Ltd. (CNEH) TraderNote – CNEH Recorded 280 Transactions in Yesterday’s Trade  


China North East Petroleum Holdings, Limited (CNEH) actively traded yesterday with 280 transactions with a volume of 498,403 shares valued at US$1.08M.  China North East Petroleum Holdings, Ltd. (CNEH) is a leading oil producing company in Northern China.  CNEH has a guaranteed arrangement with Jilin Refinery of PetroChina to sell its produced crude oil for use in the China marketplace.  The Company currently operates four oilfields with 128 producing wells in Northern China.  Further well drilling project has been planned in the future.  The company was recently presented to the ICR XChange Asia institutional investor conference on December 5, 2007 at the Reuters Conference Center in New York City.  The ICR XChange now introduces Asia-based, publicly-traded companies to key Wall Street constituents: investors, analysts, bankers and capital markets professionals.  In yesterday’s trading, CNEH closed at 2.17, a slight negative change of 0.13 or a decline of 5.65% from the previous close of 2.30.  Current share prices are mid-level of the 52-wk high at 4.55 and 52-wk low of 0.227.  At present, CNEH has 19.22M shares outstanding.    


Beacon Equity Research Disclosure


The analysts contributing to this report do not hold any shares of Bolivar Mining Corp. (BOLV) Additionally the analysts contributing to this report certify that the views expressed herein accurately reflect the analysts' personal views as to the subject securities and issuers. The analyst(s) writing this report recognize and aspire to all of the CFA Institute Guidelines for Independent Research. Beacon Equity Research (“Beacon”) certifies that no part of the analysts' compensation was, is, or will be, directly or indirectly, related to the specific recommendation or views expressed by the analysts in the report. Beacon Equity Research and its affiliates have been directly compensated a total of five thousand dollars directly from Pine Mountain Ventures for the distribution of this release and other services. This report is based on data obtained from sources we believe to be reliable, but is not guaranteed as to accuracy and does not purport to be complete. As such, the report should not be construed as advice designed to meet the particular investment needs of any investor. Any opinions expressed herein are subject to change.
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