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Beacon Research Issues TraderNotes on GSPI, NTRZ, BHWF, THPW, CACG

Today’s TraderNotes include: Green Star Products Inc. (OTC: GSPI), NutraCea (OTCBB: NTRZ), Black Hawk Fund (OTCBB: BHWF), Thorium Power Ltd. (OTCBB: THPW), China Agritech Inc. (OTCBB: CAGC)


Green Star Products, Inc. (GSPI) TraderNote - GSPI Well-Positioned with Its 100-acre Commercial Algae Facility in Midwest


Green Star Products, Inc. (GSPI) closed yesterday at 0.047, a slight negative change of 0.003 or a slight decrease of 6.00% from the previous close of 0.05.  Green Star Products, Inc. is an environmentally friendly company dedicated to creating innovative cost-effective products to improve the quality of life and clean up the environment. Green Star Products and its Consortium are involved in the production of renewable clean-burning biodiesel and other products, including lubricants, additives and devices that reduce emissions and improve fuel economy in vehicles, machinery and power plants.  Green Star Products, Inc. has recently signed a contract to build a 100-acre Commercial Algae Facility in the Midwest.  Biotech Research, Inc. (BTR), who is a Consortium partner with GSPI, has signed the contract with GSPI to start initial preparation and material acquisition for field construction to begin in March 2008.  In yesterday’s trading, GSPI traded a volume of 157,627 within the range of 0.046 – 0.05.  At present, it has 241.60M shares outstanding. 


NutraCea (NTRZ) TraderNote – NTRZ Boosted by 186% Increase in Product Sales for the First Nine Months of 2007


NutraCea (NTRZ) closed yesterday at 0.76, a positive change of 0.01 or an increase of 0.67% from the previous close of 0.75.  NutraCea is a leader in stabilized rice bran nutrient research and dietary supplement development. Through its wholly owned subsidiary RiceX, the company manufacturers as well as distributes products and food ingredients made from Rice Bran through its proprietary technology and processes. The Company has developed intellectual properties to create a range of proprietary product formulations, delivery systems and whole food nutrition products.  Consolidated net revenues for the first nine months of 2007 were $16.5 million, compared to net revenues of $12.9 million for the first nine months of 2006, a $3.6 million increase. The revenue increase resulted from an $8.2 million increase in product sales, or 186% increase, offset by a decrease of $9.0 million in infomercial sales and a $1.5 million sales return in the third quarter, and a $4.5 million increase in royalty and licensing revenue.  In yesterday’s trading, NTRZ actively traded with a volume of 1,639,518 shares within the range of 0.75-0.79.  At present, it has 142.43M shares outstanding.  


Black Hawk Fund (BHWF) TraderNote – BHWF Traded Heavily Yesterday with 18,449,125 Shares


BlackHawk Fund (BHWF) heavily traded yesterday with 18,449,125 shares, within the range of 0.0003 – 0.0005.  The BlackHawk Fund operates as a business development company with interest in real estate development projects, as well as in media and television production in the United States. It redevelops and sells residential and commercial properties. The BlackHawk Fund owns, operates, manages and implements proprietary media properties that primarily include network quality cable television shows, which are converted to online video magazines and DVDs.  BHWF recently announced an increase in revenue of $305,622 for the nine months ending September 30th, 2007 compared to the same period last year. The increase in revenue resulted from the implementation of The Company's media business at the beginning of the year. The Blackhawk Fund continues to increase its media business despite the replacement of their production group, Maximum Impact.  In yesterday’s trading, BHWF closed at 0.0005, a positive change of 0.0001 or an increase of 25.00% from the previous close of 0.0004.  At present, it has 216.86 shares outstanding.  


Thorium Power, Ltd. (THPW) TraderNote – THPW Gains Potential in Nuclear Industry Expansion


Thorium Power, Ltd. (THPW) closed yesterday at 0.410, a positive change of 0.01 or an increase of 1.23% from the previous close of 0.405.  Thorium Power, Ltd. is a nuclear energy pioneer and the leading developer of thorium-based nuclear fuel designs. The Company's technologies include nuclear fuel designs optimized to address key concerns about traditional nuclear power, including nuclear proliferation and nuclear waste. Thorium Power plans to license its technologies to commercial and government owned reactor operators and nuclear fuel fabricators aiming to benefit from thorium-based fuels. The company is targeting new reactors in countries without a nuclear industry today, as well as currently operating and new reactors in countries with an established industry. Thorium Power is also leveraging its nuclear technology, business and regulatory expertise and relationships by offering services to commercial entities and governments looking to establish or expand nuclear industry capabilities and infrastructure.  In yesterday’s trading, THPW actively traded with a volume of 3,153,502 shares within the range of 0.382 – 0.410.  


China Agritech, Inc. (CAGC) TraderNote – CAGC Actively Traded Yesterday with 1,264 Transactions


China Agritech, Inc. (CAGC) actively traded yesterday with 1,264 transactions of a volume of 1,364,648 shares valued at US$3.21M.  China Agritech is engaged in the development, manufacturing and distribution of organic liquid compound fertilizers and related products in the People's Republic of China.  The Company is currently in the process of expanding its production facilities to include organic granular fertilizer.  China Agritech has developed proprietary formulas that provide a continuous supply of high quality agricultural products while maintaining soil fertility. The Company sells its products to farmers located in fourteen provinces throughout northern, central and southern China.  In yesterday’s trading, CAGC traded within the range of 2.26 – 3.55 to close at 2.36, a slight negative change of 1.45 or a decline of 38.06%.  At present, it has 24.70M shares outstanding.


Beacon Equity Research Disclosure


The analysts contributing to this report do not hold any shares of Green Star Products (GSPI) Additionally the analysts contributing to this report certify that the views expressed herein accurately reflect the analysts' personal views as to the subject securities and issuers. The analyst(s) writing this report recognize and aspire to all of the CFA Institute Guidelines for Independent Research. Beacon Equity Research (“Beacon”) certifies that no part of the analysts' compensation was, is, or will be, directly or indirectly, related to the specific recommendation or views expressed by the analysts in the report. Beacon Equity Research and its affiliates have been directly compensated a total of seven thousand five hundred dollars from Bismark Consulting for enrollment of GSPI in its research program. This report is based on data obtained from sources we believe to be reliable, but is not guaranteed as to accuracy and does not purport to be complete. As such, the report should not be construed as advice designed to meet the particular investment needs of any investor. Any opinions expressed herein are subject to change.
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