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RemoteMDx, Inc. (RMDX) Strengthened by Monitoring Center Upgrade

The business environment plays a significant role in a state’s economic activity.  The national economy is able to perform at its highest level when criminal justice is effectively operating its system.  The risks posed by criminal offenders not only disrupt economic activity, but also affect the peace and security of residents.  These offenders not only include the first-timers and recidivists, but also probationers and parolees who are convicted of crimes but released under court conditions and community supervision.  To date, over 4.9 million adult men and women are under Federal, State, or local probation or parole jurisdiction.  Of these, approximately 4,162,500 are on probation and 784,400 on parole.  The U.S. Courts need to monitor these probationers and parolees to prevent them from further committing other violations or crimes.  RemoteMDX’s goal, i.e., to dominate the offender monitoring market, is in-line to meet this need.


SecureAlert, a wholly owned subsidiary of RemoteMDX and a leader in pioneering technologies and services to aid law enforcement in monitoring offenders who are a risk to society, developed this unique proprietary and patented technology that locates the offenders released on probation.  The product is a compact, tamper-resistant device with a 95-decibel alarm that is worn by the offender.  It has two- and three-way voice communications, and application-specific software.  The monitoring center of SecureAlert works on a 24-hour, 7-days-a-week monitoring function to track down offenders and respond to violations in predetermined zones. 


RemoteMDx, Inc. (RMDX) and its subsidiary SecureAlert, recently announced the addition of Scott Horrocks and David McNamee as technical project managers in upgrading and improving the Company's monitoring center. The appointment of this top-talent team comes as the number of offenders being monitored by SecureAlert continues to increase.  Horrocks brings more than 20 years experience among some of the nation's leading technology and monitoring companies, while McNamee is an experienced software architect and as a senior software developer, won the 2006 CIS award and the 2002 CID award for on-line application.


As stated by Jim Dalton, President of RemoteMDX, "Scott and David join RemoteMDx at a time when we are poised to dominate the offender tracking market.  We are thrilled to welcome them to RemoteMDx's management team. Scott and David are the kind of executives who possess a rare, proven combination of vision, technical expertise and experience that will help lead RemoteMDx's 130 employees and further develop its technologies and services into the coming era of expansion and development."  

"With the tremendous growth of the Company, it has been a real challenge in finding the right people to lead us to success. We have also tried to surround ourselves with the best minds in the industry to support our management team. To that extent we hired Spectrum Inc., an engineering development company out of Minneapolis who specializes in the integration of cellular and GPS tracking, to further the development of our TrackerPAL product and service. We have hired MGT America that specializes in marketing to the public sector, particularly the criminal justice system, to further expand our sales efforts to state and federal governments. We are currently in the process of hiring a branding company that specializes in direct to government marketing. Our international exposure has become so great that we will be building a Spanish speaking monitoring center in Puerto Rico as contracts in Latin America mature. It is for these reasons we welcome Mr. Horrocks and Mr. McNamee to our team of professionals."


About RemoteMDX, Inc. (OTCBB: RMDX)


RemoteMDX, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, develops, markets and sells patented wireless location technologies, personal security, senior supervision and other monitoring services in the United States.  Products and monitoring services feature wireless devices that utilize global positioning system and cellular technologies in conjunction with a monitoring center.  These products include MobilePAL, a mobile emergency response device, and TrackerPAL, a tracking device to monitor convicted offenders.  For more information, you may visit the company’s website at http://www.remotemdx.com.
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