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Brighter Prospects For SIRIUS Shares (SIRI) With Recent Mmerger With XM Radio

Different people have different hobbies and past time.  Music, either considered as a hobby or merely big business, has become a general language.  It creates a medium that everyone easily understands and relates to.  It is one of the things most people canít live without because it eases tension, gives comfort, relaxation and enjoyment.  Music, being a part of the life of almost anyone, can be accessed anywhere.  Motorists have their stereos tuned in to radio or CDs for entertainment or information.

There is good news for music lovers and radio enthusiasts.  The top two radio stations Sirius and XM have plans for a merger.  Sirius Radio, Inc. offers commercial-free music channels that provide a selection of music genres; channels for sports, news, entertainment, traffic, weather and other data content.  XM Radio, on the other hand, is Americaís number one satellite radio company having more than 8.2 million subscribers.  For 2007, XMís line-up includes more than 170 digital channels of choice from coast to coast, ranging from commercial-free music, news, comedy sports, talk, entertainment and childrenís programs. 

Sirius is famous for its five-year, $100-million-a-year deal with Howard Stern.  XM, on the other hand, has Oprah.  With the two big names, where do you think is the merger driving?  Good speculation seems pointing to one direction, a larger, more profitable satellite radio venture.  The deal is just waiting for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) antitrust approval. 

About Sirius Satellite Radio, Inc. (NASD: SIRI)

Sirius Satellite Radio, Inc. was founded as Satellite Radio, Inc. in 1990 and changed its name into CD Radio Inc. in 1992.  In 1999, it again changed its name to Sirius Satellite Radio, Inc.  It has its headquarters in New York, New York.  The company provides satellite radio services in the United States.  It offers commercial-free music channels that provide a selection of  music genres, such as rock, pop, hip-hop, jazz, Latin, country, dance, and classical; and channels of sports, news, entertainment, talk, traffic, weather, and data content.  For more information about the company, you may visit their website at:  http://www.sirius.com.

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