Bioquest Technologies Inc (OTC: BQTG)
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BioQuest Technologies is a publicly traded, innovative Sales and Marketing company based in Jupiter, Florida.

BioQuest has joined with CleenFreek®, Healthy Home Infusion, Pathogegus and Indusco LTD of Greensboro, North Carolina - an ISO 9001 / 2000 Chemical Manufacturing facility for over 300 products.

We produce several unique and cutting edge product technologies for the Janitorial, Hygiene and Biological Surface Protectors, Home and Business Cleaning supplies, and Auto Care Industries. Our company is working with the Sports, Food, Health Care, Construction, Travel and Entertainment, Real Estate, Marine, Hospitality and many other industries to offer Proactive Protection from bacteria, mold, and fungi from porous and non porous surfaces.
Wide Range of Products
The Company has a broad portfolio of products targeting the specific needs of a variety of industries as it pertains to cleaning. BioQuest Technologies has developed products that target the agricultural, household, industrial, and automotive industries. The broad range of products allows BioQuest to be a one stop shop for cleaning supplies across a multitude of industries. One of its more popular products, BioShield75, can be used across various industries including the Marine, Real Estate, and Veterinarian industries. The product works by forming an antimicrobial film on surfaces and effectively prevents the formation of dangerous bacteria.
BioShield®75 - BioShield®75 is unique. A revolutionary new product to prevent the growth of an amazingly wide array of bacteria, mold, mildew, algae and yeast.
Perfect Solution - Offers a new highly unique approach to contaminant removal. Shown to be the safest, biodegradable, and most effective oil emulsifier available.
MMC-105 - Cleans and removes unwanted mold and mildew from any surface safely without the use of bleach.
DX-12 - Driveway Cleaner is a revolutionary new product which effectively cleans an extremely wide range of oils, greases, and other fluids.
Bioquest has partnered with NAPA Auto Parts and Autocare locations to carry the BioShield 75/Wix Cabin Air Filters. This will put the Cabin Air Filters in approximately 18, 000 stores nationwide; 6,000 NAPA Auto Parts and 12,000 NAPA Autocare locations. The Air Filters use BioShield75, Bioquest's marquee product that has been approved by the EPA for a variety of uses including air filtration.
Access to Manufacturing Facilities
BioQuest Technologies manufactures all of its products at IndusCo Ltd. IndusCo strictly adheres to the highest quality standards and recently received the highest score ever awarded during the company's audit performed by Guilford Mills on a Dye and/or Chemical Supplier. The factory has the ability to triple production on short notice, and the land surrounding the plant is large enough to accommodate an expansion that could triple the plant's size.
New Product Lines
BioQuest has developed a home health monitor that will aid in the detection of mold and other allergens and alert the occupant to its presence with both a visual and audio alarm. The device, dubbed the Healthy Home Infusion, also has the ability to detect changes in structural integrity in addition to its anti-allergen benefits. Not only does this product protect the occupant's health, it will also enhance the home's value by enabling proactive responses to a variety of household health issues.
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