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i-Level Media (ILVL) Holds Key To A Captive Audience

i-Level Media provides a powerful digital out-of-home advertising solution in China.  The premise of the technology is the placement of small LCD screens into the headrests of taxi cabs that provide a continuous stream of content predetermined by the company and advertisers.  The passenger in the cab is a captive audience due to the proximity and the nature of the trips.  Users can turn down the volume, but they cannot turn the monitor off.  The technology also allows for the restart of advertising roll with each new trip the taxi embarks on.

The digital solution also targets highly-valued market segments; young adults, business professionals, and members of the middle to upper classes. In-taxi advertising accesses the difficult to reach urban consumer who is ‘on the go’ and does not have time to watch or listen to traditional advertisements.  The average taxi cab trip in China is 18 minutes, so it provides ample time for the passenger to absorb in depth media messages.  Company research shows that 17% of passengers who viewed the ads responded by either adjusting their route to take advantage of the advert or by calling the listed contact number.  Presently the company has operations in Shanghai, but expansion plans are being developed to spread the technology to other major population centers in China.

About ILVL:

i-level Media Group Inc. is an emerging media company delivering powerful digital media solutions for out-of-home advertising in China. The company owns and operates one of the largest digital in-taxi advertising networks in existence and also licenses its technology and expertise to third parties seeking mobile digital media solutions. i-level's proprietary technological platform, consisting of high-quality LCD displays mounted inside the passenger compartments of taxis, provides a consistent, reliable and high-impact channel for reaching consumers on the go. Through exclusive distribution agreements with China's leading taxi operators, i-level puts advertisers' messages in front of a highly sought-after audience, in a captive and intimate setting.

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