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Aethlon Medical (AEMD) Working With US Government on BioDefense

                A new initiative was recently announced in which the United States government is planning to support research, development, acquisition, storage/maintenance, deployment, and utilization of broad-spectrum treatment countermeasures able to address multiple bioterror and pandemic threats.  With the War on terror raging, it is not a matter of if it is when the terrorists will strike again.  Terrorism analysts conclude that Al-Qaeda has regrouped and restructured itself to possibly deploy Weapons of Mass destruction on a Western country, either Europe or the United States.  Aethlon Medical  has developed a product known as the Hemopurifier, which is a platform technology that can be used as a  broad-spectrum treatment for drug- and vaccine-resistant bioweapons, naturally evolving pandemic threats, and chronic infectious disease.

                Influenza also presents a pandemic threat to the United States and the world.  Last yearís media craze over the avian flu has died down, but the threat remains the same.  World travel is extremely fast making geographical quarantines ineffective.  Aethlon Medicalís Hemopurifierís technology can work to help treat in the event of a mass global pandemic.  As stated within the HHS (Health Human Services) PHEMCE Strategy, HHS will pursue development and acquisition of medical countermeasures that address multiple threats. The plan supports the development of flexible defenses to allow for innovations in medical countermeasure design that may result in enhanced products. For example, the benefit of broad-spectrum pharmaceuticals and platform technologies will extend beyond their ability to counter current biological threat agents and will allow for rapid response to future threats.  The current geopolitical state represents a chance that the United States is at more of a risk at being attacked due to its aggressive maneuvering in the War on terror.  Al-Qaeda has maintained its end goal is to use a WMD on US soil be it bio, chemical, or nuclear.  Companies like Aethlon Medical represent the forefront in the U.S.ís biodefense.

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