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Wi-Fi TV (WTVI) Looks to Capitalize on User Content Creation

                Over the past year new buzzwords have entered into the realm of internet such as Web 2.0 and User Content Creation.  Companies such as YouTube and Myspace have been bought for exorbitant amounts of money only to see revenues become stagnant.  The problem with user generated content is that there is no template on how to monetize it.  Companies such as Wi-Fi TV have found a way to monetize user generated videos by offering internet TV channels to standalone producers.  Tiers of functionality have been developed that allows the user to pay for access to a toolset and even share in the revenue generated by their content.  Wi-Fi TV is among the forefront of internet companies taking full advantage of this.  Big named companies such as YouTube have a plan for this type of revenue generation, but have yet to implement it as their deals with major networks have sputtered or failed.

                Recently Wi-Fi TV made the move into Britain signing up thousands of new members.  It has begun to set itself apart from its competitors by offering actual internet TV stations, effectively bypassing traditional cable systems.  While basic membership to the site is free, current price points for a fully functional TV station is $25000 and it includes an ad revenue sharing agreement.  The user is simply responsible for generating the content for its station, while Wi-Fi garners the advertisers to play ‘commercials’ on that station.

About Wi-Fi TV Inc.

Wi-Fi TV Inc. provides a new generation TV delivery platform that has a geographic sphere out-distancing any traditional cable or over-the-air TV broadcaster. Wi-Fi TV memberships are free at www.Wi-FiTV.com and include such perks as free online phone calls and free chat and free online parties. Ownership of Wi-Fi TV Stations is available at $25,000 (full details are on the web site www.Wi-FiTV.com ). Several financing options are available. The Wi-Fi TV Channel Sales Blog is at http://www.wi-fitvchannelsales.blogspot.com The Company was launched in 1995 and has been publicly traded since November 1997, and has been a pioneer in the delivery of video and books over the Internet.

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