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Intelligentias (ITLI) Stands to Benefit From Proposed ‘Safety Bill’

                Intelligentias' wholly-owned subsidiary is currently bolstering its sales marketing force in the likelihood that the ‘Safety Bill’ will pass through Congress and eventually will be signed into law by the President.  The overall thrust of the bill is for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to keep a record of every user to help aid in any future police or terror investigation.  A similar law has already been enacted in the European Union and it can be expected to be signed into law in the United States.   Essentially the ISPs would be required to engage in indefinite data retention if ordered by the Justice Department.

                While seemingly this bill would have all privacy groups up in arms, it has been branded effectively as a way to protect the nation’s children from child predators, which has effectively stunted the criticism.  Discard ISP logs would be extremely useful in building cases against online predators.  Democrats are also supporting this bill, but more from an astute political direction.  After the victory in the midterm elections, Democrats will be hesitant to voice too much criticism over a bill such as this for fear of being labeled soft on national security, a critique that led to stinging defeats in 2002 and 2004.  This bill is destined to pass, if not on its merits, then as a compromise regarding the Iraq War resolutions floating around the chamber.  A way for the Democrats to secure votes for curbing the war effort, the GOP must be allowed to save face and this bill could present that opportunity.  Overall, Intelligentias should benefit from the passage of this bill because company software is already aiding the managing of a similar law in the European Union, so experience in this regard is definitely on the company’s side.

About Intelligentias

Intelligentias (www.intelligentias.com ) is a world-wide group of data intelligence companies. We market Homeland Security products to Law Enforcement Agencies, Telcos and ISPs all over the world. Our portfolio company, Retentia, Inc. (www.retentia.com ), sells Data Retention, Tracking and Forensics software to some of the largest organizations in the world. Our portfolio company, Investigatia, Inc., launching in 2007, is our data investigation company. Investigatia intends to focus on fraud, identity theft, identity authentication and verification. Our portfolio company, Interceptia, Inc., launching in 2007, is our Lawful Intercept company. Interceptia intends to focus on Legal Interception of telecommunications by law enforcement authorities (LEA's) and intelligence services

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