Watch This Investor Trade Our Stock Ideas and Make Money!

Tired of watching your trading account dwindle away? The answer is simple – stop making bad trades!

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You see, our newsletter is truly different from the rest. We are the self proclaimed “leading authority on small cap stocks”. If you think that is a bold claim, well it is. We don’t waste time trying to uncover ideas that might move a wimpy 10% in a few months like most other guys. No, we’re looking at stocks that can explode 50% or more in a matter of days!

The problem most investors have with finding profitable stock picks is that they are all chasing the same ideas. How can you really have an edge trading a big stock like AAPL when a million other people with more resources than you are doing exactly the same thing? We venture off the path everyone else on Wall Street is on and look for great ideas BEFORE anyone else finds them.

These kinds of gains we are interested in can only consistently come from small cap stocks that few investors know about and virtually no analysts follow. We look for stocks that we feel have been unfairly “beaten up” by the market and have nowhere else to go but up, or those that are slowly climbing under the radar of most Wall Street traders.

Ok, you’re probably thinking, “Yeah, but aren’t small cap stocks risky”?

You bet they are! No one makes big profits without taking some risk though. The key is to be a smart trader and not "get married" to a stock. If it goes down too much – sell it, and move on. If it makes a monster gain – sell it!

All the pundits like to talk about how "risky" small stocks can be. These are the same people who are telling you to buy and hold "blue chip" stocks. Yeah, that’s a great idea. Those are the same guys probably LOST well over 30% of your money last year alone! How many now-bankrupt investors were secure knowing they owned shares in Lehman Bros, Bear Stearns, mortgage giant Fannie Mae…or even better yet in the capable hands of Bernie Madoff?

Watch This Investor Trade Our Stock Ideas and Make Money!

We think you need to be smart, nimble and aggressive in this market. We are uncovering some HUGE winners each week right now by sifting through the rubble from last year. Many of our members are making a killing in the process.

This “free ride” won’t be available too long – we’re not that generous! You can bet that we’ll come back to you in a few months and ask you to join our PAID newsletter once you’re hooked on it. That’s just the kind of capitalist pigs we are.

Rest assured we’re not going to ask you for any credit card or personal information. Heck, we’re not even going to ask you to buy a stock. Just sign up and watch the trade ideas we come up with. Keep close track and see how they perform. Heck, you might even make a few bucks alongside our current members. If you think we’re lousy stock pickers, you can even get rid of us forever with just one mouse click!

So honestly, what are you waiting for? We’re really trying to make this as easy as possible for you.

Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

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