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  Dow's Record Gain Short Lived as Market Takes Another Hit  


What a wild couple of weeks we've seen since the announcement of the unprecedented federal bailout package. We've witnessed big names like Lehman, Merrill and Bear Stearns virtually disappear into the depths of this financial abyss and more are sure to follow as consumer confidence continues to hits lows not seen since the 1930s. Steps are being taken to thwart this monumental collapse and it seems the most common outcry by those in charge is "patience." Is Bernanke the new FDR??? Can the new President bring us out of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression??? Only time will tell But we'll wrap up the week's events and point you in the direction of stocks trudging through the turmoil with advances that are garnering attention on Wall Street. The green sector continues to be a popular play and we're highlighting Perf Go Green (PGOG) and Neohydro Technologies (NHYT) as companies on the move, as well as recent news making waves in the small-cap space.

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