Deep Blue Marine Inc. (DPBM) Rated Speculative Buy, Target Price .06 by Beacon Equity Research

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New report issued on rapidly growing deep sea recovery company which has brought together experts in diving and archaeology to explore the ocean floor for valuable shipwrecks.  

Deep Blue Marine Inc. Rated ‘Speculative Buy,’ Target Price $.06 by Beacon Equity Research

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In the report, the analyst writes, “Deep Blue Marine, Inc. is a development-stage company, founded in 2005, that specializes in underwater research, exploration and recovery of treasures and artifacts from historic shipwrecks worldwide. The Company is managed by an experienced, knowledgeable team of researchers, salvage consultants and businessmen. DPBM uses cutting-edge technology and equipment to determine the exact locations of wrecks, thus maximizing the efficiency of its salvage and recovery efforts, minimizing the environmental impact, and ensuring the preservation of archaeological values.”

Investment Highlights

A business model capitalizing on proven shipwreck recovery expertise

DPBM’s business plan involves researching, project development, locating, recovering and, finally, marketing treasures and artifacts found on the ocean floor. The Company combines archaeology and advanced diving techniques to conduct deep ocean search and recovery operations.

Deep Blue Marine has brought together the world’s best researchers, the most advanced technology and equipment and a highly experienced crew of divers and managers. The expertise of this team, supported by state-of-the-art equipment, maximizes the Company’s odds of successful research and shipwreck recoveries. 

Multiple exploration sites improves odds of success

The Company has two sites where recovery activities are ongoing and three other sites in the exploration stage. During the 2007 season, the Company has explored a number of known, permitted wrecks and used its resources to research the exact location of other known wrecks.

Given the high risks associated with its business, DPBM selects deepwater shipwreck projects where there is minimal risk that the site has been the target of previous recovery efforts or that the wreck has been broken up and covered by shifting sands. In addition, considerable research is done concerning the history of the shipwreck to ascertain whether the potential salvage value is sufficiently high to far exceed savage costs. The Company also determines whether clear ownership of the shipwreck and its cargo can be established to minimize potential litigation.

Recovery of a significant shipwreck in the Atlantic Ocean

In October 2007, the Company announced the discovery and commencement of salvage operations on a shipwreck in the Atlantic Ocean with recovery of several hundred coins. DPBM has dubbed this “Terry's Site” in honor of researcher Terry Leonard whose work has made this recovery possible. The Company has spent most of the 2007 season salvaging this shipwreck and is seeing a strong pay-off from its early recovery efforts. DPBM has secured all the legal rights and permits necessary for the recovery and has all documentation and agreements with public authorities in-place.

Multiple revenue streams

In addition to the revenues obtained from selling  gold and silver bullions and coins and artifacts and related merchandises, DPBM can produce significant revenues from: 1) exhibiting its artifacts at shows and selling souvenirs to attendees; 2) from intellectual property rights associated with the sale and licensing of media rights (such as videos of salvage operations), and 3) from agreements with governmental agencies and private enterprises regarding assistance in locating and retrieving  unexploded marine ordinance.

The Company has agreements in place for providing research and recovery services to third parties and for filming a reality-based TV series documenting its search activities for missing treasures. Both of these activities further add to the Company’s potential revenues stream and visibility.

Advanced technology optimizes recovery effort

DPBM utilizes high-tech, remotely operated vehicles, robotics, cameras and specialized computer hardware and software to carefully record the location of artifacts in-situ and throughout the recovery and conservation process. Moreover, the Company’s divers map the site using acoustic positioning and three-dimensional surveying. In addition, magnetometry is used to locate metal remains such as metal used in the ship’s frame, anchors and cannons. Advanced technology will help the Company maximize the success of its recovery efforts. 

The Company has two workboats with large covered work decks, equipped with airlifts and dive stations plus electronics. Thus, DPBM can simultaneously manage two exploration sites.

Strong management and research team 

The Company’s team combines experienced managers, researchers and divers. DPBM’s CEO, Wilf Blum is not only a successful manager and businessman, but also a highly qualified diver, with a track record of successful wreck recoveries for both government agencies and private enterprises.

In addition, the Company has assembled an experienced team of historians and researchers to identify shipwreck locations and salvage opportunities prior to surveying, and once a wreck is discovered, identify the shipwreck.

Huge value of treasures lost in shipwrecks

According to UNESCO, there are an estimated three million undiscovered shipwrecks worldwide, 65,000 of which are thought to have sunk since the year 1500 off the North American coast.

It is practically impossible to determine the total value of shipwreck treasure. Gold and silver worth billions of dollars at today’s prices was shipped to Spain from the mines of the New World as well as vast amounts of precious metals and gems. 

Gold and silver price momentum

Deep Blue Marine is poised to benefit from strong gold and silver prices. Gold prices rise on weakness in the US dollar, significant increases in world oil prices and associated concerns over inflation, terrorist activity and production disruptions. In September 2007, gold reached a new record high of $751 per ounce and many experts anticipate gold prices will reach $800 per ounce by year-end 2007.

As gold prices rise, shipwreck explorers earn greater profits from recovery activities and increase the value of their treasuries and artifacts. Given the outlook for higher gold and silver prices, shipwreck explorers should be poised for higher returns on their recovery efforts.