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CPRK: Copper King Mining Corporation Opens Web Site

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Copper King Mining Corporation Opens Web Site  

Copper King Mining Corporation (CPRK) is pleased to announce that the company has posted a preliminary website. The site, although up, is still only very rudimentary, and new footage will be added in the near future. The photos on display are of the Drum Mountain property only, and the video that was intended to go with the site was pulled down. New footage has been shot and will be edited and a voice over will be added to describe what the viewer is seeing.

Many people have called asking about the site and we decided to go ahead and put up the rough draft as we wait for the balance of the clean up and loading of information and footage to be added. The company wishes to thank all those who go to the site and ask you patience as we prepare to bring you the new information that will be housed there soon.

Interested parties may view photos of the patent deeded areas owned by the company at www.thecopperkings.com.