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The term Web 2.0 has become ubiquitous with all things web-related over the past six months. High end technologies revolving around Ajax, Laszlo, Flex, and Microsoft’s new SilverPoint promise to usher in a new era of functionality to websites, also known as Rich Internet Applications (RIA). Sites like Myspace and Facebook have revolutionized the consumer technologies world, and businesses are looking to join in and capitalize on the wealth of opportunities. A report released by Gartner Research shows that over the next five years businesses will rush to implement tools such as Myspace features along with online worlds such as Second Life and Entropia.

Viyya Technologies is set to possibly capitalize on this because the company is currently in development of a Peer to Peer Web 2.0 platform. It takes the benefits of a structured search engine, ie personalized keywords in finance, and fuses it with the collaborative nature of Web 2.0 sites such as Myspace, 37signals, and Facebook. Businesses would be better suited to focus on custom platforms instead of trying to use a consumer platform. The use of products like VYON offers gives a company needed customization and it protects them from security nightmares, like have been exposed in Myspace and 3D worlds such as Second Life. The thrust of the software is to create a closed community where only professionals within a given field can interact and share information from structured searches, custom wikis, and websites that the user has bookmarked. The Web 2.0 craze is here to stay as more businesses make the switch to dynamic RIAs to enhance the user experience. Business looking to take advantage of consumer technologies should be wary of the security holes and focus on platforms that cater to their individual needs.

About Viyya Technologies

Viyya Technologies (VYON) is the developer and marketer of the world's most advanced, Web 2.0 information management application. Viyya has assembled the tools that allow individuals to turn "Information Overload" into customized personal and business intelligence, empowering them to automate and manage their Internet information through trusted and open sources. Viyya provides easy-to-use filtering, parsing, and notification techniques for the maximum information impact, while storing information for quick, easy, effective retrieval. For additional company information, please visit www.viyya.com or email Joel Hudesman at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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