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The recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change(IPCC) summary placed much of the blame for accelerated global warming on the world’s human populace.  While it is true that global warming is a naturally occurring cyclical weather event, the IPCC found that human endeavors in a variety of emissions categories (factories, automobiles, etc) have exasperated the problem and sped the warming process up.  Glacier melting has reached a feverish pace, and storms such as hurricanes are becoming noticeably stronger.  The report, still subject to political revision, stated that the world is nearing a tipping point at which the effects of global warming will be irreversible.  Recommendations from the report can be generally summed up with a simple stop burning fossil fuels at such an alarming rate.  Renewable energy is the only answer to global warming, and without the effects will be devastating to the world’s population and economy.

BioSolar, Inc. is working on a breakthrough technology to produce thin film flexible solar cells that will enable the Company to develop thin film cells having 1.5 microns of material thickness compared to an average of 400 microns thickness for multi-crystalline cell designs. The Company plans to market the thin film photovoltaic devices to the building materials, outdoor power, emergency power, mobile computer and communications sectors.  The end result of the technology will be to make solar power generation an affordable proposition.  Historically, solar power has been expensive in part to lack of technological innovation, and the relative inexpensiveness of fossil fuels.  With the price of oil in the $60 range and gas prices hovering around $3 per gallon, it is likely that the populace will demand alternatives.  Solar power is a possible alternative and a financially sound one.  Once the initial investment is earned back, the power generated is essentially free, outside of nominal upkeep of the solar arrays.  Overall, the IPCC report should work to further galvanize global warming concerns, as long as it is not watered down by politicians with vested interests in fossil fuels such as oil.

About BioSolar, Inc.

BioSolar, Inc. is developing a breakthrough technology to produce thin film, flexible solar cells on bio-based plastic substrates (patent pending). We believe that renewable energy sources, such as solar, are likely to play a major role in satisfying the global thirst for energy. The emerging market for thin film, flexible solar cells includes building materials, outdoor power, emergency power, mobile computer and communications and other sectors. To learn more about BioSolar, please visit our website at http://www.biosolar.com.

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