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Sun Sports and Entertainment (SSPE) Looks to Gain Fans With New Rules PDF Print E-mail

                In the past Mixed Martial Arts Fights were know for their extreme violence and blood.  This had the tendency to scare away many would-be fans and sponsors alike.  Recently, new sets of guidelines have been implemented to tone down the level of violence, but still keep it at a level that would not alienate the sportís hardcore fan base.  The new mantra of the fighting companies that less is more is also helping to drag in bigger name sponsors.  The International Fight League has garnered sponsorships ranging from Vault Energy drinks to Microsoftís Xbox 360.

                Sun Sports and Entertainment is looking to benefit from the new set of rules, and there is evidence it is already doing so.  Its recent ĎArt of Warí fight drew over 6700 fans and set a new attendance record.  As the violence is toned down, it can be expected that more states will begin to allow Mixed Martial Arts fights to take place.  Currently 22 states allow the fights to take place within state borders, with several others currently working on legislation to allow the fights.  Sunís partnership with HDNet, an HD channel owned by Mark Cuban, also benefits from the toned down violence.  HD pictures have the most clarity out of any currently available technology, so the fights are shown in sharp detail.  Overall the level of violence has dropped, but not in such a way that it would cut the sport at its knees among its established fan base.  Sun Sportís growing fight attendance shows that the fans have responded well to the rule changes, and the rules are in fact drawing more in.

About SUN:

SUN is a Professional Sports & Entertainment Marketing Company. SUN Production Group is a Certified Texas Combat Sports Promoter and produces World Class Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts. The properties of SUN (www.sunorganization.com ), Art of War (www.artofwarlive.com ) and International Fighters Association (www.ifapro.com ) are pending trademarks.

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