Advanced Plant Pharmaceuticals (OTCBB: APPI) To Focus on the Renewable Energy Industry PDF Print E-mail
                Advanced Plant Pharmaceuticals (OTCBB: APPI) recently announced that the company was in advanced stage negotiations for $1.25M in financing for the development of two biodiesel plants, one located in Kentucky while the other will be in Florida.

The Kentucky based plant will be specifically for a local coal mine that will require 4-5 thousand gallons a day. The current revenue forecast for the Kentucky plant is $1M per quarter after the initial quarter of operation. APPI maintains that the Florida-based plant will see similar revenues in part due to generous green energy tax incentives.

This move by APPI is the latest in the company’s progression to the new business plan that focuses on biofuels and renewable energy production and distribution.  Included in the transition is a name change to World Health Energy Inc, which as stated by the company, should be completed within 60 days.  Once APPI is reformed into World Health Energy Inc, it plans to use renewable cost-effective agricultural products both domestically and internationally to develop natural alternative fuels.

The move by Advanced Plant Pharmaceuticals comes at an opportune time.  With the newly released report on Global Warming by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change effectively casting away any doubt on human induced global warming, APPI could gain momentum as companies rush to go ‘green.’  President Bush’s recent State of the Union laid out a 20 in 10 program, a 20% reduction in gasoline in 10 years.  APPI’s moves into the biodiesel industry could pay dividends for the company as it expands its operations.  Even critics of Global Warming concede that viable renewable energy sources are needed, if not for an environmental purpose, then purely for an economic one for economic expansion.

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