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Positron (OTCBB: POSC) May Get a Boost from PET Scanning of Lymphoma Patients PDF Print E-mail
                In a recent online edition of Clinical Oncology, PET scanning is introduced for the first time as a standardized method to assess the progression of a patient’s lymphoma treatment.  This marks the first time that the standards have been revisited on an international scale.  PET imaging, in contrast to traditional CT scanning, can discern the difference between a tumor and scar tissue left behind after a successful surgery.  The efficacy of the scanning allows for a definitive diagnosis in both cases of there being no tumor or the presence of one.  This will allow for greater speed in treatment for those with the tumor, and a clearer indication of health for those with a negative PET scan.
Positron Corporation develops and markets Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanners.  With this recent news, it is possible that Positron could see an influx of orders for its proprietary mPower PET scanner, which has the ability to conduct a full body scan.  mPowerâ„¢ Scanners from Positron drive performance via:

  • High sensitivity and resolution
  • High count-rate capability
  • Slice-to-slice uniformity
  • Accuracy in locating and quantifying lesions


                Overall the new clinical oncology scanners could be a boost to Positron, in that it effectively proves the efficacy of the PET scanners over the CT scanners.  If clinical trials of the mPower scanner continue to yield positive results, overall revenue for Positron should increase in the near term.

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