Dhanoa Minerals Ltd (DHNA) Looks To Benefit From Rising Gold Prices and Geopolitical Tensions

On Tuesday, June 12, Gold prices surged over $8 reversing the 5 day recline the commodity had been experiencing.  Though Gold has been experiencing a lull as of late, numerous analysts remain bullish in the mid to long term.  Short-term, gold is subject to the whims of the marketplace which should be conducive for a continued uptick.  Geopolitical tensions have begun to spike within the Middle East with flare-ups in Lebanon, Gaza, and Iraq.  The most telling flare-up has been the cross border fighting between Kurdish rebels located in northern Iraq  and the Turkish Army, which has seen several cross border raids.  If fighting intensifies this could send the region into a wider war and spark a flurry of buying into safe-haven investments, which historically have included gold.  Iranís threat to missile any states that help in any perceived attack on its nuclear facilities has also ratcheted up tensions in the region.

Dhanoa Minerals could stand to benefit from the continued tensions in the Middle East while it works to develop its mining properties.  A recent independent report on the companyís Bonanza  properties (a region in Ecuador)concluded that the area was well above the industry standard for gold mining properties.  The companyís projected production levels of 100,000 ounces in the first year and 250,000 ounces by the second year should generate substantial revenue for Dhanoa.

About Dhanoa Minerals Ltd.

'Dhanoa' is a production stage company formed for the purpose of acquiring, exploring, and developing natural resource properties. Activities during the production and exploration stage include further development of the Company's business plan and raising capital. The Company has recently initiated a new program to evaluate undervalued assets for potential addition to its mineral claim portfolio.