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Grandview Gold Inc. (OTCBB: GVGDF)
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Grandview Gold Inc. (GDVGF) is a development-stage mining company headquartered in Toronto, which acquires, explores and develops high-grade gold properties in low political risk environments in the United States and Canada. At present, the Company holds mining interests in the major gold districts of Red Lake, Ontario and Carlin Trend, Nevada, as well as in the emerging Rice Lake District in Manitoba.
Business model based on exploration, development and mining of precious metals
Grandview Gold's business model focuses on identifying, exploring and developing promising gold mining prospects. The Company has operations in the US and Canada and holds mining claims in Nevada, Ontario and Manitoba. It currently holds earning interests ranging from 50% to 100% in eight mining properties spread across three gold-producing regions and covering an area of 13,740 hectares.
Focus on regions with proven gold resources and history of successful exploitations
Grandview Gold has properties in the prolific gold mining districts of the Carlin Trend in Nevada and in the Red Lake and Rice Lake Greenstone Belts in Ontario and Manitoba.
The Carlin Trend in north central Nevada is the richest gold-producing region in the western hemisphere and the second richest gold district in the world. The Carlin Trend has produced more +1 million, +10 million and +20 million ounce gold deposits than all the mines in both Russia and China combined. The entire Carlin Trend contains more than 200 million ounces of gold and has produced approximately 75 million ounces since the mid-1960s, worth about $50 billion at today's prices.
The Red Lake Gold Mining District in northwestern Ontario is the most prolific gold- producing region in Canada. Since the mid-1960s, the Red Lake District has yielded over 30 million ounces of gold valued at more than $20 billion at today's prices. This area is home to Goldcorp's Red Lake Mine, one of the richest, lowest-cost production mines in the world. The Red Lake District's resources are estimated at 30 million ounces of gold.
The Rice Lake Gold District in Manitoba is an emerging gold district located approximately 80 kilometers west of the prolific Red Lake Mining District in Ontario. The Red Lake and Rice Lake Mining Districts share many geologic features. They lie in the same geological terrain, on the same crustal fault and are similar in structure. Despite these resemblances, the Rice Lake District remains largely unexplored. Production to-date for the Rice Lake District is only about 10% of what has been produced from the Red Lake District.
Significant resources identified during exploration
Exploration studies indicate that Grandview Gold's mineral deposits contain a very large volume of potentially gold-bearing mineralization estimated to exceed 32 million tons. The Pony Creek/Elliott Dome Property alone has inferred resources of 1.426 million ounces of gold representing a gross market value of $0.86 billion.
In addition, the Company has identified significant inferred gold resources at its Red Lake properties: Dixie Lake is estimated to contain approximately 110 thousand ounces and Sanshaw-Bonanza is believed to hold 24 thousand ounces. The Company's existing prospects together contain inferred gold resources estimated at approximately 1.56 million ounces, suggesting an estimated gross value of $0.9 billion.
Promising results of 2007 exploration program
With a strong portfolio of properties assembled, the Company has commenced a significant drilling campaign this year. Grandview Gold recently announced discoveries of new mineralized zones that include three quartz veins with visible gold and a 2.86 meter interval grading 22.90 grams/ton, as well as confirmed the continuation of four existing mineralized zones at their Dixie Lake Project in the Red Lake Mining District.
The Company has also commenced drilling on its Pony Creek/Elliot Dome Property on the Carlin Trend in north central Nevada. During the 2007 season, Grandview Gold intends to complete approximately 20,000 feet of drilling over three areas, beginning with the Pony Creek West and Pony Creek South targets and including the newly defined Red Rock target. The Company anticipates using the drilling results to upgrade its inferred gold resources and identify additional resources.
Strong team of managers and geologists
Over the past year, the Company has made additions to its management team, the board of directors and the geological team. Currently, Grandview geologists contribute 250 years cumulative exploration and mining experience to Company projects. Grandview geologists are industry leaders in applying cutting-edge exploration technologies such as advanced geology, geochemical and geophysical science, minimizing exploration and mining costs and increasing efficiency.
In addition, the Company has secured the ongoing consulting services of Monte M. Swan, Bsc. G.E. MSc. and Stanley B. Keith, B.Phil,MSc., co-founders of MagmaChem Exploration Inc. The $100 million major mining and resource companies have invested over the years in the MagmaChem chemical classification system of igneous rocks and mineral deposits and have directly contributed to the discovery of 18 major mineral deposits on three continents, with a total gold and copper metal value of more than $60 billion. Grandview has also engaged the award-winning A.S.K. Prospecting and Guiding Team to complement exploration of its Rice Lake Gold District properties in Manitoba.
Record prices for gold and other precious metals
According to the 2007 US Geological Survey, the estimated value of US metal mine production in 2006 was more than $23.5 billion, or about 51% more than 2005. Metals showing the largest production gains were zinc (117%), copper (97%), palladium (65%) and gold (68%). Increased production is the result of sizable price increases for gold and other metals in recent months.
Prices for a number of metals, including gold, have reached record or near record highs in 2007. Gold price gains reflect significantly higher world oil prices (and
associated concerns over inflation), as well as terrorist activity and production disruptions at a number of worldwide mining operations. Gold traded near $700 per ounce in 2007 and hit a 28-year high of $745 in September 2007. As gold prices rise, profits for miners rise as well and exploration activities increase. As a result of rising prices, gold mining should remain one of the strongest industry sectors over the next decade.

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