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Brookside Technology Holdings Corp. (OTCBB: BKSD)
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Brookside Technology Holdings Corp. is a leading provider of global managed communication services. The Company specializes in providing converged turnkey voice and data solutions for businesses and government agencies. Through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, Brookside designs, sells and implements converged Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP), data, video and Wireless (Wi-Fi) business communications solutions.
Brookside is a holding company for Brookside Technology Partners and US Voice & Data. Brookside Technology Partners Inc. specializes in selling and implementing converged VoIP, data and wireless business communication solutions. The Company not only designs system infrastructures for its clients, but also deploys the technology and provides on-going managed services and system support. In September 2007, Brookside acquired Kentucky-based US Voice & Data, LLC (USVD), a leading regional provider of telecommunications services. During the 12 months ended August 31, 2007, USVD generated revenues of approximately $15.3 million. USVD is one of NEC's fastest-growing business partners and the nation's 5th largest distributor of Inter-Tel products. The USDV acquisition is enabling
Brookside to rapidly expand its customer base, leverage its service offerings and build a position as a leading national provider of turnkey converged voice and data services.
Brookside is an Authorized Nortel Premium Partner and an expert on Nortel products. The Company is one of a handful of vendors for Nortel's Go DIRect program in Texas. This program allows local government agencies and school districts to by-pass the lengthy bid process for voice and data systems through an integrated product offering. In addition to its established relationships with NEC, Inter-Tel and Nortel, Brookside also has strategic partnerships with LifeSize, WatchGuard, SinglePoint Solutions, Datacom and Tamco. In October 2007, the Company signed an agreement with SinglePoint Solutions whereby Brookside will offer SinglePoint's telecommunications consulting services as part of Brookside's comprehensive suite of voice and data solutions. Through an October agreement with Datacom, Brookside is now able to offer Datacom Warranty Corporation's Bronze Warranty™ services across each of Brookside's subsidiary companies.
Brookside plans to capitalize on growing customer demand for nationally authorized distributors of converged VoIP systems and technologies by acquiring small and medium-sized telecom system distributors and re-marketers who can expand its growth opportunities in the emerging area of turnkey converged voice and data solutions.
Incorporated in 2005 and originally known as Cruisestock Inc., the Company acquired all of the stock of Brookside Technology Partners in February 2007 through a share exchange. As a result, Brookside Technology Partners became a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company which changed its name to Brookside Technology Holdings Corp. in July 2007. Brookside shares trade over-the-counter under the ticker symbol BKSD.
Fast-growing market for converged VoIP services
Rising demand for ICE (information exchange, communications and entertainment) technology around the world is fueling growth in the VoIP market. The hottest areas involve converged technologies utilizing both VoIP and wireless
technologies. IP telephony is very attractive to business users because of the cost savings and operating effectiveness they can realize by deploying these systems. Business spending on IP phone systems is estimated to exceed $4.0 billion in 2007. In addition, US revenues from enterprise voice and data equipment sales are expected to grow from $92 billion in 2004 to an estimated range of $127 billion by 2010.
Unique product /solutions portfolio enhances revenue opportunities
Brookside offers a comprehensive portfolio of products/solutions in VoIP, data, video and wireless technologies. The Company is already recognized as a leading VoIP product vendor and managed services provider, with over 300 enterprise-level installations completed. In addition to system design and implementation, Brookside provides ongoing system management and financing assistance through a strategic partner. As a result, Brookside is well-positioned to deliver the customized solutions corporate clients increasingly demand. Brookside is continuing to expand its geographic coverage, customer base and product offerings through strategic partnerships and acquisitions which target evolving turnkey voice and data system market opportunities.
Growth through synergistic acquisitions
The Company has a proven track record of acquiring profitable businesses at attractive valuations. Brookside is leveraging these acquisitions to expand its products and services, improve cross-selling opportunities and realize other operating synergies and economies of scale. For example, the USVD acquisition enhances the Company's ability to up-sell products and services since some 75% of USVD customers are committed under long-term service contracts. The Company is also utilizing acquisitions to enhance its geographical coverage, increase its number of network operation centers and equipment repair/maintenance centers and improve operating efficiency.
Competitively priced solutions for small and mid-sized businesses
Brookside helps its customers maximize the value of their telecommunications dollars by providing turnkey solutions which integrate system design, equipment purchase and installation, training, maintenance and financing assistance. This turnkey approach helps businesses reduce their telecom costs, increase productivity and stream-line system deployment. The Company offers a unique financing program through a financing partner, Telecommunications Asset Management Company (TAMCO). In addition, Brookside offers its business
customers leased solutions that enable them to upgrade existing systems at any time without incurring financial penalties or cancellation charges. By offering financing and leased solutions, Brookside is able to build brand recognition and customer loyalty.
Strategic alliances with leading equipment vendors
Brookside, through its USVD subsidiary, is one of NEC's fastest-growing business partners, the nation's 5th largest distributor of Inter-Tel equipment and one of a select few chosen to participate in Nortel's GoDIRect Program in Texas. These relationships allow Brookside to offer a comprehensive product/solution suite accredited and certified by global telecom manufacturers and service providers. Brookside also offers warranty services through Datacom and financing assistance through TAMCO. Through these alliances, Brookside can provide a single source solution for addressing all of its customer's telecom system needs.
Experienced Management
CEO Michael Nole has more than 18 years experience providing management consulting and business development services in the voice, data and wireless communications segment to small and mid-size companies. The Company's President, George Pacinelli, has 25 years experience in the voice and data communications technology sector. He is also associated with Brookside's financing partner, TAMCO.

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